Green-lipped Mussels: Joint lubrication, anti-inflammation, and pain management

Green-lipped Mussels: Joint lubrication, anti-inflammation, and pain management


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What exactly is a superfood and why can we make the claim of certain things being superfoods? We're not exactly sure what a superfood for pets would look like, but we would make the case that green-lipped mussels are just that. We include them in our Ease - Joint & Hip chews exactly because of all the health they provide. Green Gruff is focused on providing total health and this ingredient is a major component.

So, what qualifies green-lipped mussel as a superfood in our opinion? Well, possible health effects include joint lubrication, anti-inflammation, and pain management. Studies indicate the usefulness of the ingredient in these conditions, and we have heard from our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Powers, and our customers about how much it has helped their dogs. Also, our CEO, Jon Persofsky, uses it with his own dog Nala that suffered a torn ACL. We're fairly sure that it will help any doggo with hip or joint pain, arthritis, or those that need it as a preventative supplement.

Why Green-Lipped Mussels?

There are a number of other ingredients that can be added to help with the conditions listed above. Other supplements you may have heard of include chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and MSM. All of them have great indications of supporting joint health and arthritis like green-lipped mussels. We appreciate the benefits of those potential ingredients and always review what we can do to help with our formulation but, at Green Gruff, we chose green-lipped mussels for three main reasons: they're more natural, have better palatability, and provide the total package.

We have made a commitment to focus on wholesome, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Those other products are extracted from plants or animals for their inclusion in products. Green-lipped mussels are the entire package within one little shellfish. It fits better with our goals for the wholesomeness and total health of our ingredients. 

Additionally, our products are made with our furry friends in mind. How will a product help if your pet doesn't consume it? We test each of our chews out rigorously with a bunch of doggos (our jobs come with a lot of perks) to make sure they'll eat them. It is better for you so that you don't have to force-feed your dog or come up with any tricks.

So, what about side effects?

Well, there are very few side effects and very little to worry about. The main concern that you may have is if your dog has any allergies to shellfish. You can always speak to your veterinarian about any concerns you may have. Chances are the worst that may happen is some nausea or stomach discomfort due to the mussels.

These amazing shellfish provide the joint lubrication, anti-inflammation, and pain management that your pup needs. But, Green Gruff Ease chews go above and beyond just the benefits from green-lipped mussels. Each chew is packed with other actives that provide total health to your dog. Every dog deserves love, inside and out. That's Gruff Love.

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