The Green Gruff Guide to Happy Dogs!

The Green Gruff Guide to Happy Dogs!

If you've ever owned or interacted with a dog, you know they bring immense joy; it's infectious. We've come up with a few ways to make sure we return the favor: the Green Gruff Guide to... Happy Dogs!

  1. Activity – Dogs need exercise. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, chasing a ball or a run in the dog park, exercise provides dogs with necessary mental and physical stimulation to positively impact their health and prolong their lives. This goes for humans too! (Read more here) The level of exercise your dog needs may be dependent on breed, weight, diet, age and general health among other factors. If you have questions on the necessary amount of activity for your dog, check with your vet or pet care provider.
  2. Routine – Dogs thrive on routine. Establishing a routine is an important step in training, specifically for feeding and crate and potty training. As dogs learn association such as putting on shoes before a walk or the sound of the Green Gruff chew jar, a routine provides stability and reassurance to our canine companions.
  3. Socializing – Dogs are social animals. Whether it’s the dog park, daycare or socializing with their humans, our furry friends should not be left alone. Playtime, cuddles and petting are usually appreciated.
  4. Positive reinforcement – Whether you are actively training them or not, our dogs are always learning. Positive reinforcement builds trust between dogs and owners and is a great way to improve communication. Rewarding desirable behavior with a treat (we suggest Green Gruff chews!) is a great way to communicate positive behavior and dogs love them!

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Disclaimer: if you are concerned with your dog's health or wellbeing please speak to your vet or pet care provider.

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