Frens! I am Griswald Gruff!

Hey Frens!

My hoomans has told me that I am making new frens on the line! I am soooooo happy to meet you new frens! My hoomans is very good to me to let me meet new frens on the line. I love new frens!

I is Griswald Gruff. The hoomans often call me Grizzy. I is just a few years old. My favorite things is foods, ball, hoomans, frens, diggings, runnings, playings, toy, waggings, ball, walkings, hooman childs, Green Gruff chews, and new frens! The hoomans has given me E-mail?? so I cans talk with new frens. E-mail?? is

I is very happy lately as the hoomans is around all the time. I spend the entire day with the hoomans. I has never spent this much time with the hoomans. Sometimes the hoomans used to leave and I would only has my fren Sun to spend time with. But now I has my hoomans around all the time. Even fren Sun is coming to see me more recently. I think Sun also likes it when the hoomans are home.

The hoomans has also been meeting frens on the line. I has gotten to introduce myself to my hoomans frens that I is never see before! Some of frens even has their own doggo frens. Many doggo frens for everyone! I like doggo frens is one of my favorite things!

New frens! I forgots to tell you about my favorite things naps! I really, really, really, really, really, really, really likes naps. Naps are fun. After naps I have so much energy to play with hoomans and frens. Is make me a better fren and doggo. I can then chase stick, ball, and toy. Is best!

Speaking of all of my favorite things is fun! I will go and do some of my favorite things now. Frens you is all welcome to come say hi! Thanks you for reading my note! Hoomans have told me I can continue doing this!

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