Memorial Day!

Hi Frens,

The hoomans has said that there is long weekend this weekend. First, I curious what is change on weekend but hoomans tell me that it is time when they home more. Hoomans say this weekend is Memorial Day! Is very special weekend. Hoomans will enjoy with barbackue. I like barbackue. Hoomans share barbackue meats with me.

Hoomans will also onur the military. Is special time to onur the military. Military has very good history. Has helped to make barbackue possible for me. I is very happy to onur the military this weekend. I will sit with fren Sun to think the good the military has done for me. Sun is very helpfull to think about many big things. Hoomans say military make life free and good.

Also, hoomans have got me favorite treat. Relax chews from Green Gruff. Chews help to keep me com when scared of fireworks. Is very important to stay com. Must support the military and fireworks is help. Looking forward to more good times with frens this weekend!

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Frens! I am Griswald Gruff!


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