Working from home with the weird but wonderful

Working from home with the weird but wonderful

Strange times

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We're all doing the best we can at the moment as we struggle to contain the coronavirus. Some are lucky enough that we can continue to work from home. Others it is hard to continue working when a store or restaurant is closed. In any case, we all have to recognize that we are going to be spending a lot more time at home. It is strange times and we have the new term social distancing to guide us forward. But, this will mean that we can do some things a bit differently with the furry members of our family.

Find out their oddities

We're sure you thought you knew before how big an oddball your pet was, but now you're going to find out some weird things like never before. Some are already experiencing it as they take conference calls and the cat or dog takes that particular moment to serenade the colleagues. You also may be shocked to find that your little angel loses its mind when confronted with a particular stranger or a noise comes through the house. Now is the perfect time to find out just how oddly cute your pet can be. All of which can be great fodder for your legions of social media followers.

So, now is the time to capture those moments of your pet's exceptionalities. Share them with us @greengruff and we'll be sure to give it a like. However, it may also be the right time to consider what you can do to quell some of the things that might be bothering them. Does your dog lose it on the conference call because of something else? Does that noise happen every day when you're not home and it bothers the neighbors?

It is also a great time to try out hemp products that are designed for those specific conditions that may be bothering your pets. We, at Green Gruff, recommend that you monitor your pet when you first introduce CBD into their diet so that you can learn how it affects them and how much to give. Your pet is definitely monitoring you right now, giving you all the affection you can normally only handle a few hours a day. So try out some new routines that help them to handle their little foibles.

Love they deserve

At Green Gruff we love all the weird but wonderful things that our pets do. But, we also think it's important to spot the areas where they could use a little support. Now is the time to recognize all that we love about them and what we can do better for them. It's important that our pets aren't forgotten about when we have so much on our minds. That's why we always share the #grufflove and give our pets the love they deserve, inside and out. Let us know how to help you while you participate in social distancing.

Image by Péter Göblyös from Pixabay

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