Soshull Dizdanzing : 10 Reezuns not to end


The hoomans tell me that they has been soshull dizdanzing for a little while. Is why the hoomans have been at home more. Hoomans has also sed that soshull dizdanzing may be easing soon. I is not so sure about this easing. It may be bad for hoomans. I has come up with list of reezuns not to end soshull dizdanzing:

  1. My hoomans will miss me
  2. Will has shorter walks with less time
  3. I not meet my hoomans work frens any more or their doggo frens!
  4. I only has fren Sun during the day. Do not want me to be lonely!
  5. Hoomans will be tired at beginning and end of day
  6. Hoomans need to drive to work - means waking early
  7. Hoomans has less time for cooking - less foods and good smells for me!
  8. My hoomans will not finnish my new dog house theys has started building
  9. I has to protecc house again - I has not been barking enough
  10. I is anxious without hoomans!

Is clear to me that soshull dizdanzing is very important! Frens, we must do everything to make clear that hoomans must stay home. Is key to happy doggos everywhere! What if all of us are anxious and scared when hoomans leave again?

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