What is Green Gruff?

What is Green Gruff?

 Green Gruff is a brand of innovative pet wellness solutions. Green Gruff is rooted in the belief that health starts from the inside out, reflected in the wholesomeorganic and sustainable ingredients carefully selected to provide nutrients for optimal health.

Our dog chews were specially formulated to promote the well-being of dogs of all ages, offering both immediate and preventative support.


Quick facts about Green Gruff products:

  • Ingredients sourced from organic and pesticide-free farmers
  • Sustainableeco-friendly formulations lead with active ingredients like cricket protein
  • Formulated by leading animal nutritionists
  • Wheat, corn & soy-free
  • Flavours dogs love in soft & delicious chews (pup approved!)
  • Made in the USA 

As a socially and eco-conscious company, CARE is in every step of Green Gruff products, from the thoughtfully selected ingredients to the child safety containers. Green Gruff products were created to help all dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives while supporting the ecosystem around them.

That’s #grufflove.

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