Science Behind Green Gruff

Cricket Protein

All of Green Gruff supplements contain the most beneficial and sustainable protein available. Can you guess what it could be? Cricket protein! That’s right. By using cricket protein, our products are far more nutritious and friendly for the environment than typical dog chews. Cricket protein contains all 10 essential amino-acids dogs need to stay healthy while being easier to digest and absorbed faster by their body. Cricket protein also contains much more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk. With the help and collaboration of Dr. Jeffrey Powers – Council Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association for Biologics and Therapeutics – we were able to bring all the benefits of cricket protein within our Green Gruff supplements to give your pup the best life possible.

Advantages of Cricket Protein vs Beef

  • 30% More Protein
  • 30% Less Fat
  • 98% More Omega-3 Lipids
  • 700% More Fiber
  • Beef Uses 26x More Water / 95x More Land / 1815x More Greenhouse Gases

Zero Heat or Water

Every Green Gruff supplement uses no heat or water during the manufacturing process. This allows for maximizing and preserving all the beneficial nutrients within our products. Cooking any food can be devastating for nutritional value and creates the loss of many key nutrients and vitamins. Which is why you might have heard someone in the past telling you that cooking your spinach can defeat the purpose of eating it. In addition, using no water makes it impossible for Green Gruff supplements to dry out, prolonging shelf-life. This also avoids having to use additional unhealthy preservatives that are found in most other dog chews. Our zero heat and water processes are proudly Certified by The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program.

Green Gruff Solar Power


Green Gruff creates healthy, quality dog supplements without having to sacrifice our environment. We made this possible by manufacturing all of our chews in 100% solar powered, renewable energy facilities. With the help of these facilities, using no heat or water and cricket protein over beef, we are largely able to reduce carbon emissions. Industrial manufacturing and farming highly impact the environment. By eliminating this from our process we are able to make eco-friendly, sustainable products while keeping our communities cleaner for years to come. Green Gruff is also honored to have earned the Pet Sustainability Accreditation.

Who is Dr. Jeffrey Powers?

Dr. Jeffrey Powers - Green Gruff

Dr. Jeffrey Powers is the current owner of Veterinary Clinics North with two offices in Michigan. He is a current committee member of the Veterinary Cannabis Society and a board member of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association (IVPA). He has served as past chair and council member of the AVMA’s Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents. Dr. Powers also provides veterinary services to carriage horses and other animals on Mackinac Island, Lake Huron. Dr. Powers earned his veterinary degree with Honors from Michigan State University in 1980. He then began working primarily in clinical dairy and equine practice. Dr. Powers also, impressively, founded the South Sanilac Veterinary Hospital in 1983 where he exercised in both large and small animal practices. In addition, Dr. Powers was president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association in 1997 and has served on multiple MVMA and AVMA Committees and Councils.