EASE Joint & Hip - Jar | 90 Chews

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Our joint & hip chews are specifically formulated to relieve pain in joints, hips, and connective tissue by enhancing joint lubrication and tissue repair. Every EASE chew is made with glucosamine - a naturally occurring, therapeutic compound that can help reduce the symptoms of joint pain by boosting cartilage repair. With regular use, EASE can help decrease pain, discomfort, and help improve mobility so your pet can continue to live a happy, healthy life.

Scientifically proven and backed by research, EASE aids in targeting the common and often debilitating condition of pain in the joints, hips, and connective tissue.

EASE Joint & Hip dog supplements can support hip and joint health by reducing inflammation, enhancing joint lubrication and tissue repair. Some of the key natural ingredients in EASE are Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Turmeric, and eggshells. Like all supplements, EASE is best used regularly and isn't an immediate remedy.