SOOTHE Skin & Coat - Bag | 24 Chews

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Our skin & coat chews are specifically formulated to reduce itchy, dry skin and maintain a healthy, shiny coat. Our pets get dry skin just as humans do - and we all know how uncomfortable that can be. With regular use, RELAX promotes comfort with reducing pain and itchiness from dry or irritated skin brought on by aging, lack of dietary oil, or simply having too much fun in the dirt.

Scientifically proven and backed by research, SOOTHE aims to aid your furry friend maintain a shiny coat and reduce discomfort and itching so they can get back to playing in comfort.

SOOTHE Skin & Coat is loaded with organic ingredients that have been found to provide healthier skin & a more vibrant canine coat. Some of the key natural ingredients in SOOTHE are Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Yeast, Organic Flaxseed, and Omega-3 Fish Oil. Like all supplements, SOOTHE is best used regularly and isn't an immediate remedy.