Green Gruff Earns Pet Sustainability Accreditation

Green Gruff Earns Pet Sustainability Accreditation

Green Gruff isn't only passionate about the pets and pet owners' lives we aim to enrich, but about our communities as well. We continually try to influence positive change in the places we do business. That's why it was incredibly important for us to earn the Pet Sustainability Accreditation - the only accreditation program in the pet industry enabling sustainably focused businesses to measure, verify and meet consumer demand for positive environmental and social impact.

Pet Sustainability Accreditation

A Call for Change

Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to increase in 2021, as a global pandemic rewrites our future. With the pandemic forcing a recalibration of our daily roles, it also calls for a change in how we should do business. Here are some data points to prove why sustainable business is now more relevant than ever:

  • 45% of consumers said they’re making more sustainable choices when shopping and will likely continue to do so. - Accenture
  • 55% of consumers said that as a result of their COVID-19 experiences, they were “... more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products.” - Kearney
  • 79% of consumers are changing their purchase preferences based on social responsibility, inclusiveness, or environmental impact. - Capgemini Research Institute
  • 78% of Americans no longer believe it is acceptable for companies to only maximize their profits - Cone/Porter Novelli


When thinking of climate change, we usually don’t associate agriculture with harmful greenhouse gasses like cars or factories typically emit. But comparably, livestock emissions globally are about the same, if not more than that emitted by transportation. Knowing this drives us to be as sustainable as possible with our Green Gruff products. We’re proud in using organic cricket protein within our supplements which take less than a fraction of resources to produce than beef. All while being more nutritious and produced in our renewable energy rated facilities. If you want to learn more about sustainability check out our Benefits page.

Why is it Important to Us?

We set out on the mission to make dogs' lives not only longer, but happier. Along the way we realized there's more to the picture than just our pets. It's an opportunity for us to make an even bigger impact. So, it was important that we use safer and more sustainable ingredients in our Green Gruff products. We also manufacture them in facilities that are 100% solar-powered. Not only reducing our carbon footprint, but benefiting ours and our pet’s futures as well.

When we set out to produce our first dog supplements, we were cautious about the negative environmental effects that using beef and other industrial farm ingredients could inflict on our communities. Did you know many of the cornfields planted in our country are for farm animal feed? By learning more about sustainable ingredients, like cricket protein, we realized we can do more about over-farming and beef production to deliver a healthier, sustainable product.

Pet Sustainability Accreditation

Reimagining the dog food industry to create a better, more sustainable alternative for our pets was our goal. It was a bold move and certainly not the easiest path to production, but necessary to us. We’re happy we can stand by our claim for environmentally friendly dog chews with receiving the Pet Sustainability Accreditation. And we feel much better about bringing our Green Gruff pet supplements into the world and hope you do too when purchasing them.

We care about the things that don't have a voice - like our pets. If we all care for our Earth only a fraction of how much we care for our dogs, imagine the change we can all make.