About Us

Have you ever met someone that loves and lives for their dog? That about sums up the entire Green Gruff team. Located in sunny South Florida, we have teamed up with some of the leading veterinarians and scientists in the industry to produce the best dog supplements available. We didn't just turn supplements that are designed for humans into dog supplements; we started from scratch, researching the best combination of ingredients for our dog chews.

We care so much about our dogs, and we know you do too. So, we're on a mission to bring your pets the best supplements - developed with time, dedication, and our dogs' needs in mind. We consulted the best veterinarians and doctors available to develop a unique and sustainable list of ingredients that provide your pet with the best benefits.

Starting with dogs. The best ingredients. The best formulas. The best manufacturing process. The best advisors. All for your dogs' happy and healthy life. That's Green Gruff.