About us


At Green Gruff we are meticulous about what’s being ingested by your pet and take pride in providing the cleanest and safest product. Our ingredients support organic and pesticide free farmers who help us achieve our fundamental purpose of helping our pets live longer happier and healtheir lives.

With health at the core, we take pride in providing the most nutritious and wholesome ingredients in our recipes. Each ingredient has been precisely selected by pet nutritionists for optimal health avoiding all fillers and allergens (no corn, wheat or soy). A healthy outside starts from the inside, so each chew provides the perfect balance of health giving nutrients that sustain and support energy.

The health of the planet is just as important to us as the health of our pets. As carefully and thoughtfully as we source our ingredients for optimal health, we are equally as conscious in the health of our planet. Two main ingredients, palm fruit oil and organic cricket protein are the most sustainable oil and protein on the planet in addition to being the most nutritious for your pets.

Care is in everything we do at Green Gruff, from our hand selected ingredients to our child safety proof containers. Our purpose is to ensure all Green Gruff dogs will live longer, happier and healthier lives while supporting the ecosystem surrounding them. The love for our pets, people and planet. That’s Gruff love.