We're on a Mission To Help Furry Best Friends Across The Globe

The Green Gruff Promise

We Take Time With Our Dogs Seriously

The Green Gruff Promise

We Take Time With Our Dogs Seriously

Whether you've recently welcomed a new addition to your family or cherished your furry companion since their playful puppy days that are now transitioning into their golden years, the unbreakable bond you share is priceless, and witnessing them suffer can be heartbreaking.

There's a unanimous belief that our individual dogs stand out as the best. At Green Gruff, our mission is to keep that statement true! We are committed to ensure that your best boy or girl can seize the opportunity to embody the happiest and healthiest version of themselves, liberated from pain and irritation, allowing their exceptional qualities to shine through.

Green Gruff promises to extend the number of best days for your furry friend, and empower them to showcase their unique personality. By remaining sustainable, and  never compromising on quality or flavor, we provide a positive impact with every chew, guaranteeing to bring your beloved pet one step closer to optimal health and well-being.

Take satisfaction in the knowledge that you've made the best decision for both yourself and your best friend, allowing you to savor the present and anticipate better days ahead, free from any form of discomfort.

Guarantee your furry best friend with days filled with comfortable heartwarming snuggles, cuddles, hugs, and sloppy kisses without any joint and hip discomfort, skin and coat irritation or anxious behavior holding them down. Green Gruff provides you with comfort of knowing that you've made the best decision for both yourself and your cherished companion, allowing you to savor the present and look forward to better days ahead, free from any form of discomfort!

The Green Gruff Mission

All In On Happy Pups

The Green Gruff Mission

All In On Happy Pups

Distinguishing ourselves from human supplement and cannabis brands, our exclusive focus is to craft CBD supplements tailored specifically for dogs. We take pride in being canine experts, having developed a product that we are proud of and incomparable to anything on the market who can’t wait to share with you! 

Our exclusive range of uniquely crafted, cold-pressed supplements proactively address every area where every dog will encounter at some point during their lifetime. We pave a clear path leading dogs to success. Effortlessly alleviating irritated skin, skillfully moderating anxiety, and offering unparalleled comfort for any joint and hip pain. 

Our team has crafted revolutionary supplements using high quality CBD that have wholesome ingredients designed to boost your dog's energy and contribute to their overall happiness. With the help of Jeffery Powers (DMV, 35+ years) our supplements seamlessly integrate into your dog's routine. We want you to be able to provide essential nutrients to your dog without feeling like a chore. With Green Gruff, you're not purchasing a product; you're gaining the opportunity to provide your dog the best life possible and joining a supportive community that wants nothing more but to be a part of your dog's success!

Green Gruff's Journey - Providing a Solution for Pet Health

Where We Started

Nala's Story

Where We Started

Nala's Story

Once upon a time, there was a lovable black lab named Nala, who faced the same old age struggles as many of our furry friends that pet owners are all too familiar with. Nala couldn't run and jump like before, and found it increasingly difficult to do the things she once loved. The arrival of new family members caused her anxiety to skyrocket. It broke Jon's heart to see Nala suffer, so he set out on a mission to help her and other pets like her. But when he couldn't find any solutions on the market, he took matters into his own hands. Jon teamed up with top pet scientists and vets to create Green Gruff - a brand new way to help our four-legged pals feel like themselves again! While it's a fact of life that Green Gruff won't let her reign forever, they've made sure that her golden years are full of comfort, joy, and love. Without them, her life would be a far cry from the royal treatment she deserves. 

Green Gruff supplements, given daily, can proactively support various aspects of dog health, from behavior and mood to skin and coat, bodily function, everyday joint stiffness, and more. Unlike competing brands, our supplements for dogs were not just human supplements turned into dog supplements. Instead, we started from scratch, researching the most beneficial combination of ingredients for our dog chews and created formulas incomparable to others.

At Green Gruff, we understand the feeling of helplessness that comes with watching your beloved pet suffer. With our support, you can ensure your dog's overall health, happiness, and well-being. So, your search for the perfect solution for your dog's health ends here and we’re so happy to welcome you to the pack!

Meet The Dog Lovers Behind Green Gruff

Renah Persofsky, ICD.D

I am a serial entrepreneur, a professional board member for public and private companies and care deeply about the well being of dogs. I believe in life long learning, that each day is special, that family comes first, and that I need to be “kinder than necessary”.

Co-Founder and Executive Chair

Jon Persofsky

My deep love for dogs and dedication to holistic wellness drive our mission to provide the best care for our furry friends. When I’m not at my desk, you can find me embracing the great outdoors—hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in the stunning mountains of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Ivanoff

As a pet parent, I'm committed to giving my adventure buddy, Levi, a life full of love and adventure. When we’re not exploring the great Canadian outdoors together you can find me with friends, at the beach, or on the hunt for the best coffee in town!

Digital Marketing Manager

Larissa Gilbert

You'll find me enjoying quality time with my dog, Bert, and eagerly preparing for the arrival of his new sibling this summer!

Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Maney

I'm super passionate about animals, enjoy travel, culinary exploration through cooking, and gaming.

Compliance & Project Manager

Andrew Bateson

My beloved cat is not just a pet but a cherished member of my family, bringing endless joy and companionship. I am a dedicated automotive enthusiast who finds joy in hands-on projects, driven by a constant desire to learn and improve all aspects of my life.

The “logistics guy” behind our product journey

Cadi Pontinen

I lead a full and joyful life with my amazing family. I cherish spending time with my husband, our five wonderful kids, and our three lovable dogs. Together we find joy in the simple moments of life.

Director of Sales Operations

Skye MacDonald

My two dogs are my entire world. I love working at Green Gruff, it’s an absolute dream to be able to provide dogs with an outstanding product.

Office Manager

Vanessa Stanley

We spread the Green Gruff word every day so we can get our products to as many dogs as possible. Outside of work, I’ll be at the gym, spending time with friends, or bird watching!

National Sales Manager

Chris Harrington

When I am not focused on maintaining & improving the health of dogs everywhere - you can find me on the golf course or spending time at home with my wife and 2 kids!

Account Manager

Christian Rosas

I am an animal lover and working at Green Gruff is a great way to provide for fellow animal lovers and our four legged friends. I am a yoga instructor and you can usually find me at a coffee shop, hot yoga studio or spin class.

Account Manager