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Made with vet-recomended, premium-quality ingredients to promote a happy and healthy life.

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Smarter, Healthier Dog Supplements with Premium-Quality Ingredients

Green Gruff supplements are packed with premium-quality, vet-recommended ingredients. Each supplement contains ingredients dogs can benefit from every day with no unnecessary fillers. Best of all, dogs love them!

In addition to our normal line of dog supplements, Green Gruff offers a line of products that are enhanced with CBD to ensure every dog is looked after. Our sustainable, premium-quality supplements are the perfect way to make certain your dog has a healthy daily routine.

Green Gruff Plus CBD Dog Supplements

Green Gruff Dog Supplements

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Potential Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Naturally occurring in the hemp plant, cannabidiol is growing in popularity as a way to promote overall wellness in our four legged friends. Same as in humans, our pets have an Endocannabinoid System with receptors in the body that react to CBD, producing the positive effects. Though more research is needed, early evidence from first hand experience points to the benefits of a consistent CBD supplement routine.

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Made with Smarter, Healthier, and Vet-Recommended Ingredients

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Certificate of Analysis from 3rd Party Lab Tests

All Green Gruff CBD products are tested individually and receive a certificate of analysis. Why does that matter and what is a certificate of analysis for CBD? This means an accredited third party laboratory tests, then provides a report which details the chemical makeup of the ingredients and their potency. Green Gruff publishes all of its reports timely and accurately to ensure you know exactly what's in our supplements.

All of the right things

Corn, Soy, Wheat Free, & Zero Pesticides In The Making

With support from Dr. Jeffrey Powers, DVM, we've developed the one of the best and most beneficial formulas for your dog's health and wellbeing. Unnecessary filler ingredients just didn't make the cut.

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Looking for the Best Wholesale Dog Supplements and Functional Treats?

If you own a store or purchase for one that carries healthy pet supplements, consider adding Green Gruff and Gruffies to your lineup of products. We offer a variety of wholesale dog supplements and functional treats that feature unique blends to help support your dog's normal daily routine. Plus, we have an efficient and modern distribution network to service retail accounts around the country in a timely manner.

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