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Green Gruff provides your pup with the finest quality and highly nutritious ingredients packed into our full spectrum CBD dog treats. If you’re looking for a convenient way to introduce a daily dose CBD supplement into their routine, you’ve found it! Our dog chews contain no fillers or unnecessary additives to ensure your dog is getting everything they need, but nothing extra. And for those who want a non-CBD formula, check out our Silver label collection of healthy supplements for dogs to promote their overall well being.

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Potential Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Naturally occurring in the hemp plant, cannabidiol is growing in popularity as a way to promote overall wellness in our four legged friends. Same as in humans, our pets have an Endocannabinoid System with receptors in the body that react to CBD, producing the positive effects. Though more research is needed, early evidence from first hand experience points to the benefits of a consistent CBD supplement routine. to help treat pain, anxiety, and discomfort in canines.

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Made with Healthy, Organic, and Natural Ingredients

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Certificate of Analysis from 3rd Party Lab Tests

All Green Gruff CBD products are tested individually and receive a certificate of analysis. Why does that matter and what is a certificate of analysis for CBD? This means an accredited third party laboratory tests, then provides a report which details the chemical makeup of the ingredients and their potency. Green Gruff publishes all of its reports timely and accurately to ensure you know exactly what's in our supplements and what's best for your dog's health.

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