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All-natural, organic chews to help with anxiety, stress, itching, digestion, or hip and joint pain.


It's True! Dogs Love Green Gruff & So Do Their Owners:


Gordon my 12 year old Yorkie loves these treats. He eats a few everyday and recently I’ve noticed he is moving and running better. Would recommend these to anyone with an older dog.

Jason S.

My 11year old dachshund tried the pumpkin flavor treat for mobility and loved it! I haven’t gotten that reaction with some of the other joint and mobility treats that we have tried, so I am sold.

Nicole M.

My schnauzer loves it. He gets very excited when I get the container. It’s also very easy to chew for my 3 year old with jaw issues. It also helps him to calm down when we have loud noises around the house.

Felipe F.

They don’t let them hit the floor! They snatch them in mid air! They really enjoy them and they mellow out and sleep well thru the night

Kerry A.

Los Angeles, CA


Wonderful product, my 16 year old beagle shows great improvement for her aging hips when using Ease.

Walter D.

all of the right things

Made with Healthy, Organic, and Natural Ingredients

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Reduce joint pain and increase mobility

Ease Joint & Hip

Boost the immune system for health

Detox Immunity

Reduce anxiety and stress

Relax Calming

Grow a healthy, shiny coat with no itching

SOOTHE Skin & Coat

none of the wrong things

Corn, Soy, Wheat, and Pesticide Free

Green Gruff Benefits

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