Green Gruff Plus CBD Dog Supplements

Full Spectrum CBD Dog Chews

All Green Gruff dog supplements are all-natural, organic, and vet-approved. Each Green Gruff Plus dog supplement has been uniquely formulated for targeted support while promoting overall health. Assist your dog's anxiety-related issues, promote healthy joints, aid their immune system, support a shiny coat, and more. All with the extensive benefits of full-spectrum CBD that is baked right into a high quality chew, not added or sprayed on later.

What is in Green Gruff Dog Supplements?

Each blend is unique and contains ingredients to help treat specific ailments. We consulted the best veterinarians and doctors available to develop a unique and sustainable list of ingredients that provide your pet with the best support. 

EASE joint supplements contain glucosamine to alleviate pain and decrease stiffness, while turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and wild Alaskan salmon oil to increase blood flow.

RELAX calming dog chews include L-Tryptophan to aid the body in producing serotonin, valerian root which helps decrease stress, and chamomile which acts a as natural relaxant for your anxious pet.

SOOTHE skin & coat supplements are made with rosemary extract to stimulate hair follicles, hemp protein to reduce irritation, and organic kelp to prevent skin from losing moisture.

Our Healthy Routine Pack bundles all three formulas into a complete organic dog supplement set. They work together as a preventative measure against the most common ailments which tend to affect canines.  Incorporate CBD into a daily routine from an early age and help support their general wellness throughout their whole life.

Independent Lab Tested Results

It’s important to know exactly what goes into the supplements that you give your dog. That’s why all Green Gruff CBD products go through independent third party testing and receive a Certificate of Analysis containing the results. Our hemp vitamins for dogs pass the quality test before your canine friend gives them the taste test. And our soft chews are loved by pet owners worldwide.

Consistent Potency

Having consistent potency ensures that you’re dog receives the exact same quantity of ingredients in every chew. This also makes it easier to closely monitor what dose of CBD works best for your dog.

No Pesticides

All Green Gruff products are made with organic ingredients grown with absolutely no pesticides or any harmful chemicals. This means a safer product that you can feel good about giving to your pup.

Can Dogs Have CBD?

Yes, CBD containing less than .3% of THC does not have psychoactive properties and is completely safe for canines. Derived from the hemp plant, it does not get your dog high or feeling intoxicated. Which is important, because THC even in moderate amounts can be toxic to dogs. Always check the labels and read the ingredients list of any supplements prior to administering.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

The amount that you give your dog depends on their size and weight. Refer to our Daily Use page to confirm what CBD serving size is best for your dog.

When asked about CBD dosage, our Chief Veterinary Officer recommends starting in the range of 0.5 mg of CBD twice daily. Maintain that dose for at least two days before increasing.

Should I Give My Dog CBD Everyday?

In order to experience the full benefits, it is recommended to include CBD in their daily routine. Given on an empty stomach just prior to the scheduled feeding is considered the most effective time to administer. And be sure to provide plenty of fresh water to help with digestion.

What are the Best CBD Treats for Dogs?

The best CBD dog treats use natural ingredients and full spectrum instead of broad spectrum CBD for a more inclusive range of effects.