Daily Use

What's the recommended dosage or the number of Green Gruff chews we suggest giving to your pet? Well, that depends. No matter what breed or size your dog may be, take a look at our daily chew chart for the recommended number of chews for your dog. Our chews are formulated to be “additive” - which means your pup can take the recommended daily dosage of each should he/she need more than one formulation.

Like all supplements, a regular daily chew regimen will give your pet the most benefit. Most dog owners see desired behavior and changes in their dogs in as little as a few days or weeks depending on use.  

  Under 10lbs 10-25lbs 26-50lbs Over 50lbs
Dosage 1 Chew 2 Chews 3 Chews 4 Chews
CBD Dosing Chart for Dogs

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQs page for more information about Green Gruff with CBD supplements. We're really proud of our dog chews and want you and your pet to feel comfortable and confident about our products. For any other information, feel free to contact us.