General Use Questions & Answers

How long does it take for Green Gruff supplements to work?

Since all of our dogs are unique and special in their own way, the duration prior to effectiveness may differ from dog-to-dog. The benefits are gradual and a consistent use schedule is recommended.

How long will it take for my dog to finish eating their soft chew?

All Green Gruff supplements are soft, easy to chew, and shouldn't take long for your dog to enjoy.

What is the benefit of using Green Gruff?

All of our supplements are formulated to help our dog's maintain a healthy body. But, all of our chews may support a balanced overall health in your dog.

Do Green Gruff supplements require refrigeration?

No. None of our supplements require refrigeration; however, we recommend storing your supplements in a 50°F - 75°F area.

How old should my puppy be before giving them Green Gruff supplements?

Our supplements are safely formulated for dogs or puppies of any age or weight. Make sure to check the back of your packaging for daily use suggestions or check out our Daily Use Chart.

Where are Green Gruff supplements made?

All of our soft chews are made here in the US with globally sourced ingredients. Our manufacturing process is also Good Manufacturing Practice certified and The Safe Quality Food Program certified.

What happens if my dog gets into the bag/jar and helps themselves to over the recommended daily use?

Your dog may experience an upset stomach followed by vomiting or diarrhea but they will be just fine.

What CBD extraction method does Green Gruff use?

The ethanol extraction method maintains as much of the integral properties of the hemp plant as possible and helps ensure our products contain all of the beneficial compounds that contribute to its healing properties. Green Gruff uses the ethanol extraction method for all of its Plus (CBD-infused) products.

Ingredients & Health Benefits

What makes Green Gruff so different?

Unlike some other dog supplement brands, we started with dogs needs first. We have consulted and worked with some of the leading vets in the industry to provide beneficial dog supplements for all of our furry friends!

Do Green Gruff supplements include wheat?

All Green Gruff supplements are wheat, soy, corn free and made without the use of pesticides.

Will Green Gruff supplements affect my dog's dental health?

All Green Gruff supplements are made to be easily chewed and without causing harm to your dog's teeth or dental health.

Do all Green Gruff supplements contain CBD?

Not all of them! Green Gruff has two variations of soft chews. The Jars and Bags with the Silver label is our NON-CBD formulation. The Jars and Bags with the Black label is our CBD formulation.