How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing Their Paws?

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing Their Paws?

Does your dog have an excessive licking or gnawing habit? Are you wondering, “how can I get my dog to STOP chewing their paws?” then you’re in the right location!

Now, let’s define “excessive” because a dog chewing on their paws or feet is actually quite common. It really only becomes a problem when they’re doing it so often that the flesh turns a red color and develops a raw spot.

Obviously, as pet owners, their wellbeing is top priority to us. If we can see the signs early and prevent them from licking their paws, that’s a dog parent win!

Four Tips to Prevent Excessing Licking or Biting

It’s important to communicate any potential problems to your vet ASAP. This guide is intended to help improve your dog’s comfort, but shouldn’t be used in place of professional care. We hope this information proves useful when trying to get your dog to stop chewing their paws.

 Dog excessively chewing on their paws.

Confirm it Isn’t a Medical Issue

Constant licking of the paws could be a sign your dog is experiencing discomfort. Check them for any signs of injury that they might be trying to nurse. For active dogs, it is easy for them to sustain scrapes and cuts on their pads.

If there isn’t a noticeable abrasion, but your dog doesn’t want to put any pressure on the leg/paw, they might have a joint injury. Internal problems can be a bit harder to diagnose. If only dogs could talk and just tell us what is wrong.

Look for these signs of joint or bone problems:

  • Excessive licking of joint
  • Limping
  • Slowing down on walks
  • Less interest in active games

To help prevent possible bone issues, consider adding a joint and hip supplement to your dog’s diet. By doing so from an early age, they’ve got a better chance at healthy joints later in life.

Green Gruff EASE Plus hip & joint chews are made with ingredients high in glucosamine to help slow degeneration of collagen. Paired full spectrum CBD, EASE Plus provides a range of effects to improve wellbeing.

Buy Green Gruff EASE hip and joint supplements for dogs.

Address Dry Skin Issues

Skin & fur problems can range in severity depending on the area your dog lives and any seasonal changes common to the area. Dry weather can cause moisture loss in skin and lead to dandruff or flaking. Or a big pollen bloom may lead to allergy flare ups.

When your dogs footpads begin to dry or crack, they'll lick them to provide relief. It's the excessive licking that can lead to further problems if not addressed.

Itchy dog scratching their dry skin.

Look for these signs of possible skin & coat issues:

  • Dandruff (flakey skin)
  • Hair loss
  • Scratching
  • Inflammation

To avoid possible dry skin issues that your dog is experiencing, you may want to try a skin & fur supplement.

Green Gruff SOOTHE CBD coat & skin soft chews are made with hemp protein and rosemary extract. These, plus other ingredients work to simulate hair follicles and prevent skin from losing moisture.

Green Gruff SOOTHE fur & skin soft chews for dogs.


Prevent Boredom & Treat Canine Anxiety

Idle paws are the puppy’s plaything… or something like that. A bored dog is more likely to experience anxious behavior.

Keep your dog busy with mentally stimulating toys and new activities that keep developing their brains. When facing boredom, your dog may become destructive or depressed. This can turn into nervous anxiety which keeps the cycle of damaging behavior going.

Bored dog lying on a newspaper.

Look for these signs:

  • Uncontrollable drooling
  • Destructive behavior
  • Panting
  • Depression

To help prevent anxiety in your four legged friend, think about a calming CBD supplement for your dog. 

Green Gruff RELAX calming soft chews include L-Tryptophan and organic chamomile that act as natural relaxants to help reduce stress.

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Dog Vitamins & Supplements That Work

Along with the tips mentioned above, consider a three point natural supplement plan for your dog. Our CBD starter kit is the perfect way to provide your dog with a well rounded daily regimen. It's a tri-pack of supplements that act as a preventative measure against the common canine ailments that may lead to excessive paw chewing or licking.

If you need additional support, click the button below and the Green Gruff team is here to answer any questions you have!

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