Why Your Dog May Benefit From A Daily Supplement

Why Your Dog May Benefit From A Daily Supplement

As a dog parent, you want to make sure your dog has all the essentials to live a happy, healthy life. And if you’re one of the 77% of Americans taking a daily supplement, you might be wondering what benefits dog supplements have to offer. Just like anybody else, our dogs age and they eventually feel the negative effects of getting older. This can be unhappy moods, metabolic/hormonal problems, and in extreme cases disease. Many owners will consider dog supplements to counteract these effects and prolong the life of their pet. But, it can be hard to know if they’re necessary, if they even work, or if they’re a safe option for your dog.

What Are Dog Supplements?

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A daily dog supplement is a dietary product aiming to improve the overall health of your dog. They provide additional nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits that are usually not offered by a dog’s regular diet. Such as a bowl of kibble. Dog supplements can be anything from a generic multivitamin to a specially formulated dog chew providing a certain benefit. According to the American Kennel Club, joint support and skin/coat health formulated supplements are two of the most commonly purchased.

Many people use fortified dog foods and treats to give their dog a balanced nutrition. However, this can make it hard to know if your dog is receiving a sufficient vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients every time they eat. Incorporating a daily dog supplement can reduce this variability and maximize the health benefits that they offer.

Do They Really Work?

There’s a broad range of dog supplements to choose from that all deliver a different health benefit. If your dog has a medical condition (such as joint issues or pain) or you suspect a deficiency within their diet (low appetite), then daily supplementation can be very effective. Make sure to choose a dog supplement that have ingredients catered to the benefits you’d want for your dog. For instance, dog supplements with the ingredient Glucosamine have shown to prevent and relieve joint/hip related issues. Fatty acids or fish oils have proven to aid in inflammation reduction and improved skin/coat health. Antioxidant vitamin-C and vitamin-E, with the help of probiotics, help boost the immune system and maintain a healthy digestive system.

If you are curious whether dog supplements will be effective for your dog, here’s a tip. Double check what the supplement and the ingredients are used for and how it is manufactured. Also, always read about other previous dog owners experiences with the supplement as well. A good dog supplement will always be veterinarian approved. They should also use quality, all-natural ingredients. Leaving out anything unnecessary to benefiting your dog’s health.

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Are Supplements Safe For My Dog?

Your dog may find that their new supplements can be very tasty at times and beg for more. However, dog supplements are strictly intended to be given based on the recommended dosage on the label. Supplements should never be used for treats. Over-supplementation can be very dangerous if it is consistent. Although, accidents can happen and your dog may experience some nausea or discomfort but they will likely be just fine.

Fortunately, many dog supplements are regulated and overseen by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). So, the recommended dosage of your dog supplements are safe and can be trusted. Along with this, never give your dog a human dietary supplement as an alternative. This can be highly toxic and largely exceed a regular dosage for a dog. Always use a trusted brand of dog supplements that are vet-approved and have clinically studied ingredients. These will be safe to give your dog and provide the healthy body and mind you know they deserve.

Should You Give Your Dog Supplements?

While there are many recognized benefits of dog supplements, needs can vary from breed to breed. It is important to understand your dog’s specific conditions and what supplements they can gain from. Always monitor your dog’s mood, body, and habits to identify if there is anything they need assistance in. If you suspect a problem within your dog, reaching out to a professional is always a great first decision. However, incorporating a dog supplement geared towards their specific issue will give them health benefits beyond regular exercise and dieting. Nonetheless, if you’re looking into improving your dog’s well-being, prevent future ailments, and want a brand you can trust, try Green Gruff Supplements.

Choosing The Right Dog Supplement

Sadly, not all dog supplements hold up to a promise and can have absolutely no benefit at all. And initially for you it can be intimidating to research all the different options and find the right dog supplement. But it’s important to know what you want for your dog and purchase the supplements that best suit their needs.

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