Meet Our Pups

Meet Parker, an energetic good boy who loves to run and play with his sister Belle. However, even the liveliest and healthiest dogs like Parker can begin to feel the effects of age after years of fun. That's where Green Gruff’s Ease Joint & Hip comes into play - offering Parker the essential nutrients to keep him feeling his best. With Ease Joint & Hip becoming a part of his everyday regimen, Parker benefits from mobility support, and it helps comfort stiffness from daily activities by maintaining joint health and soothing inflammation.

Ferris began to experience the challenges of aging, particularly hip dysplasia, which hindered his ability to enjoy his favorite activities. That's when his owners came across Green Gruff's Ease Vet supplements. His confidence surged, and soon, he was once again engaging in all the activities he loved—chasing after balls, exploring the great outdoors, and greeting every family member with his signature wagging tail. Ease Vet helped Ferris reclaim the zest for life that hip dysplasia had threatened to take away, proving that even in his senior years, he could still be the lively, loving lab he'd always been.

Say hello to Casper, the pint-sized powerhouse! Don’t let his small frame fool you; he’s all about keeping watch over his turf, acting like the big boss of home security on four legs. However, maintaining constant vigilance can be exhausting. That’s where Green Gruff’s Relax Calming comes in. It's like a chill pill for our furry friend Casper, letting him take a well-deserved break to just mellow out. It’s basically his own little stress-free getaway!

Delilah often finds herself in a constant battle with allergies, seeking relief by frequently licking her paws. Green Gruff Soothe Skin & Coat helps provide relief with its powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties, making it an excellent choice for dogs suffering from skin conditions, allergies, or dermatitis. Bringing out your dog's happiest and most comfortable self, free from irritation and discomfort!