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Pet Age Green Gruff

Pet Age

September 1, 2021

Green Gruff

Green Gruff is an all-natural, sustainably made pet supplement brand designed to address common canine ailments including anxiety, hip and joint pain, aid their immune system, support a shiny coat and more. Read More...

Treehugger Green Gruff


August 25, 2021

Cricket-Based Treats Hope to Calm Dogs, Ease Aches

Your dog only cares that treats taste good. But there are so many other elements a human might want to consider, including how natural the ingredients are, any possible health benefits, and even the overall environmental impact... Read More...

The CBD Guide Green Gruff

The CBD Guide

August 5, 2021

Dogs And CBD With Jonathan Persofsky Of Green Gruff – Ep23

As much as we hold our furry friends close to us, the products given to them can make all the difference in their health. In this episode, Jonathan Persofsky, the Co-Founder and CEO of Green Gruff discusses his experience... Read More...

Authority Magazine Green Gruff

Authority Magazine

July 12, 2021

Jonathan Persofsky of Green Gruff: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

Jonathan Persofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Green Gruff, an all-natural, sustainably-made pet supplement brand designed to... Read More...

Navy Corgi Green Gruff

Navy Corgi

July 1, 2021

We Tried Green Gruff CBD Dog Supplements | Honest Thoughts

We get asked about CBD supplements and chews for dogs all the time. One thing is for sure, we love trying new things. So when we had the opportunity to try Green Gruff CBD dog supplements, we jumped at the chance. Read More...

Golden Woofs Green Gruff

Golden Woofs

June 29, 2021

5 Reasons: Why Choose Green Gruff Dog Supplements?

Do yougive your dog supplements? I do, and I believe in the benefits of giving your dog supplements.Read More...

Pets Plus Mag Green Gruff

Pets Plus Mag

March 31, 2021

10 Dog and Cat Supplements to Consider for Your Pet Store

Unique supplement utilizing cricket instead of traditional proteins. Helps dogs achieve optimal health with a smaller carbon pawprint. Read More...

Pets Plus Mag Green Gruff

Fansided: Dog O'Day

March 30, 2021

Green Gruff is the vet-approved line of pet treats made with cricket protein

When it comes to finding new treats for our pups, we are always looking for things that they will not only enjoy, but also get something out of it... Read More...