Hear what Green Gruff pet owners have to say about our supplements. If dogs could write and talk, we'd ask them but here's the next best thing!

Gordon Loves his Joint & Hip Ease Treats

"Gordon my 12 year old Yorkie loves these treats. He eats a few everyday and recently I’ve noticed he is moving and running better. Would recommend these to anyone with an older dog."

-Jason S


My 11 year old Dachshund

"My 11year old dachshund tried the pumpkin flavor treat for mobility and loved it! I haven’t gotten that reaction with some of the other joint and mobility treats that we have tried, so I am sold."

-Nicole Mitchell


Very Tasty

"My schnauzer loves it. He gets very excited when I get the container. It’s also very easy to chew for my 3 year old with jaw issues. It also helps him to calm down when we have loud noises around the house."

-Felipe Felinto


Unbelievable the best product

"Big change in the first week thanks so much"

-Renee Tipton


My dogs love their treats

"They don’t let them hit the floor! They snatch them in mid air! They really enjoy them and they mellow out and sleep well thru the night"

-kerry ashline


My dog just gulps it!

"Two of my dog’s favourite foods are coconut and pumpkin which is awesome because both of these ingredients are found in this supplement-like treat. My dog will be turning 7 this year, so I have to take care of his joint health now. What’s even more great is, this treat also helps calm him down (he can be a little hyper at times, small dogs you know!)."

-Lina Hwang


Our dog danny

"Our dog, Danny, is older and having issues with her hips, Mobility is a real issue. She started refusing to go for walks. We were introduced to Green Gruff Ease by a friend in Florida and tried out the chews with her. First of all, she ate them - and that was great as she's often a finicky eater. But after two days she was eager to go on her walks. I went to your website to try and order a Jar and was wondering if there is a discount code? I really love your product.Thank you Thank you!"



My rescue dog

"My rescue dog freaks out at loud noises, strangers and even other dogs. The relax chews have calmed her down significantly. She no longer barks when we got a knock at the door and interacting with other dogs on walks is much easier. Plus she loves them!"

-Elizabeth Arlow



"Wonderful product, my 16 year old beagle shows great improvement for her aging hips when using Ease."

-Walter Day


Not so anxious

"My dog was having separation anxiety and would bark constantly during the day, all day long, when left alone at home. I tried the calming chews (which he loves) and now after a few minutes of barks he quiets down and rests in his dog bed. (I watch him on the pet cube.) what a difference these have made!"

-Kelly Barrett


Love this product!

"i’ve tried many products in the past, being in the veterinarian field. These chews are amazing! These keep my anxiety driven pit calm everytime i leave the house and has also helped keep his coat extremely shiny! i will definitely be purchasing these again."



I really like how this product is made with crickets

"I really like how this product is made with crickets (don't know that I am ready to eat crickets myself yet, but my terrier loves them!). I recommend for those with pets that like to exercise their voice boxes (like mine...). I just wish they were a bit cheaper, but otherwise, love it!"

-Nicole D


Great Stuff

"Started giving this to my little dog when he had back problems. It worked quickly, so when my other small dog experienced some neck problems I gave him this, too. Both dogs are doing great on their minimal daily dosage. Love it!"

-Teresa Drane


Works like a charm

"My dog has been high strung since the day we picked him up from a rescue center 8 years ago. Loves to go in the car but paces, barks at passing cars, trucks, motorcycles, people and cows. He shakes and clings to you with loud noises such as thunder, fireworks and power tools. The relax calming helped significantly and he then "chills" out. He is a 44 pound dog and found it took 6 - 7 treats to work on his high anxiety. Loved the taste, thanks Green Gruff!"

-Dale Barrett


Excellent product for aging fur friend

"I received this product from my brother who manages a medicinal marijuana facility in order to help my 12 year old Rocket with his hip pain. It makes a huge difference in his ability to get up and down the stairs and still chase the ball from time to time. Bonus- his anxiety is lessened and I use these before storms to help with stiffness and fear. They smell great and are soft enough for his old dog teeth 🤩""

-Danielle DePew



"I bought these for my dog Izzy who is a lab mix. She is a ball of energy and has some separation anxiety- especially when I am out of the house too long. I have been incorporating the green gruff chews into our daily routine and generally makes her less anxious throughout the day (which means she gets into less trouble 😂)I also love how they are healthy for her! Couldn’t ask for more in a dog chew. Will buy these again for sure!!"



I've tried a lot of products...

"I've tried a lot of products for my older dog who has compromised mobility. After trying the Green Gruff Ease chews, I can see a real difference. Plus he really seemed to like them. Thanks!"

-Cynthia B


The best calming treat!

"Leo has isolation distress so we try calming products quite often. Greengruff relax calming product worked on so well with Leo. He is happy but calm. Perfect amount of calmness! Love this product! Thanks Green Gruff!!!"

-Aysen Arikan


Works great!

"works great!"

-barbara chapman


Only the 2nd week

"2nd week using it and I can see a difference in my pittys coat."




"My one dog will not eat, sometimes it seems it is working on the other dog. My 6# dog ate one and it did nothing. Not sure if has to be built up in system to work."

-Deana Malatek



"I got a pack of Ease treats for my aging labrador. And I could see she got relief the first day! She was not hesitant to trying it, and she ate 2 treats twice a day and by the end of the trial pack, she was wagging, dancing and playing again. I can't wait for the next order to arrive!"

-Erin Cooper