A Time to Celebrate Our Canine Pals - Happy National Dog Month!

A Time to Celebrate Our Canine Pals - Happy National Dog Month!

Summer is a time for celebration and kicking back with the ones you love. And for the first time ever, we officially have a whole month to celebrate our four-legged family members! We’ll bark to that. Now during all the month of August, National Dog Month recognizes the unconditional love and companionship our dogs bring into our lives. So make sure to give your pup that extra treat, tummy rubs, and kisses in order to thank them for all their hard work.

National Dog Month Facts

Green Gruff - Human-Dog Bond

Did you know that dogs are the #1 most commonly owned household pet in the entire world? Many scientific studies show that our dogs make us entirely happier, more optimistic, and reduce our stress or depression. The list of all the ways dogs make our lives better can go on forever but, that’s no surprise. The bond our dogs seamlessly create with us are also accredited to being the #1 human-animal bond in the world. That being said, it was only a matter of time until our lovable pups received the month-long celebration they deserved.

Just right before 2020, we had a National Dog Day every August 26th to commemorate the bond between us and our furry friends. Thanks to the help of Milk-Bone Brand (J.M. Smucker Company) and thousands of dog owners around the world, we were all able to come together and now officially proclaim the whole month of August a nationally and annually celebrated month for our loved pets. That’s right, give yourself a pat on the back and wag your tail, a whole month! Now every August, we recognize all the benefits dogs bring into our lives and show our appreciation.

How To Celebrate

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We can all agree that it’s not hard to celebrate the relationship we share with our dogs. However, National Dog Month is a reminder to show our extra appreciation and spoil them just a little-bit more than usual. So be sure to take your best pal on that extra-long walk, play a longer game of fetch, and sneak in an extra serving of their favorite treat. Bring them to every family barbecue, beach day, and camping trip so they can experience the outdoors too. Give your dog extra cuddles at night, tummy rubs and scratches, and then brace for their extra licks and kisses. Did they see a toy at the pet-store and couldn’t seem to get their adorable eyes off of it? If you can, try and surprise them with that toy and enjoy their reaction.

Celebrating your pup is the easy part. And showing your extra appreciation can also be by making sure they stay healthy and strong for years to come. With everyone here at Green Gruff, we want to thank our dogs and their owners for their continuing support. In honor of National Dog Month, Green Gruff is excited to be offering a 25% off sale on our entire website! Just use code WAG25 when at checkout. Also, don't forget to show additional appreciation for your pup by using #NationalDogMonth #GreenGruff on your social media posts. Happy National Dog Month!

”Every Dog is a Comedian…To Me.” – Colleen Paige (Founder of National Dog Day)