Best Dog Supplements - Healthy Ingredients to Look For

Best Dog Supplements - Healthy Ingredients to Look For

From the time they’re a puppy through their older years, we all want the best for our dogs. By adding a nutritional supplement to your dog’s daily routine from an early age, they’ll experience the benefits throughout their life.

What do we mean exactly when referring to dog health supplements? Does that mean vitamins for your pup?

In a way, yes. Dietary supplements for dogs help to promote a well rounded nutritional boost to their daily feeding schedule.

There are a lot of products on the market and it can be difficult to know what ingredients to look for when shopping for healthy dog chews. That’s why we worked closely with veterinarians when developing Green Gruff product for dogs.

What Supplements Do Veterinarians Recommend?

Though more research into the efficacy of pet supplements is still needed, positive evidence supports their use. You and your vet know your dog best, so you’ll want to consult with them when considering a nutritional support option.

A dog lies on a vet's table during an exam.

Let’s take a look at what ingredients are good for dog supplements and what benefits they may provide your canine friend.

Ingredients to Treat Anxiety

Nervousness and anxiety is rather common in pets. This can be brought on by loud noises, unfamiliar social settings, or even traveling in a vehicle.

The following are some of the most popular ingredients used in calming products that help to manage stress levels and encourage relaxation.

Does Chamomile Calm Dogs?

Yes, organic chamomile has anti-anxiety properties that work as an effective natural relaxant to help reduce stress.

It also has chemicals that aid in smooth muscle relaxation, like those located in blood vessels. The provided decrease in blood pressure may also be a factor in alleviating anxiety.

Jar of organic chamomile, a plant with natural anti-anxiety and calming effects.

L-Tryptophan for Dogs

Found naturally in many proteins, L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that creates niacin which aids the body in the production of serotonin. 

This helps to restore their serotonin levels, providing a calming effect in dogs that restores their mood in stressful situations.

Does Valerian Root Work on Dogs?

Best known for its sedative effect on humans, valerian root may offer relief for anxious dogs as well.

Though research isn't definitive, it is believed that valerian root works to block nerve transmission between neurons that stimulate activity and calm anxiety.

Ingredients to Help Joint Pain

Just like humans, as your dog ages, their body may lose the ability to naturally produce healthy cartilage. This can lead to osteoarthritis in their later years.

But that doesn’t mean you need to wait on giving supplements, think of it as a preventative method versus reacting after symptoms appear.

A small dog being examined by a vet for joint pain in their hips.

Glucosamine for Dogs

When it comes to joint and hip pain in dogs, glucosamine is one of the more popular arthritis treatments.

It is a nutraceutical or naturally occurring substance that is referred to as a chondroprotective agent. This means it is a supplement that helps delay progressive joint space narrowing characteristics of arthritis and improves mobility.

What does Turmeric do for Dogs?

Turmeric, as in the yellow spice found in the grocery store? That's it! But you don't have to measure it out yourself when given in supplement form.

This ingredient contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties that may help pain in dogs caused by arthritis.

Can Dogs Have Ginger Root?

Yes, ginger root is a great source of protective compounds. The antioxidants are shown to reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

It may also help relax spasms in the GI tract, while decreasing gas and bloating that may be associated.

Ingredients for a Healthier Coat

Caring for your pets coat and skin is more than just the look, it's a direct reflection of their overall health.

That's why it is important to make the right dietary choices which provide the best care for their skin and fur.

A close up view of a dog's healthy coat.

Rosemary for My Dog?

Supplements with rosemary extract have been shown to stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth.

It is also a natural flea repellent when applied externally to your dog's coat.

Is Hemp Good for Dogs Coats?

The essential fatty acids found in hemp protein may reduce irritation to help prevent cracking skin from excessive scratching.

Hemp can also provide relief from skin allergies by thickening the fur texture and decreasing dandruff in your dog.

Will Organic Kelp Improve My Dog's Coat?

Organic Kelp, commonly referred to as "seaweed" contains iodine which supports thyroid function.

Since underactivity in the thyroid gland might lead to skin issues, the addition of iodine may support skin health in dogs with low thyroid activity.

Container of organic kelp.

Can Dogs Benefit from CBD as an Ingredient? 

Though there is no definitive research on cannabidiol and pets, first hand evidence from owners suggests there are CBD benefits for dogs. This is likely due to the interaction between cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid receptors located in the nervous system. Adding CBD to your dog's diet may improve their overall wellness and help treat the conditions mentioned above. 

If you and your veterinarian determine that CBD is the route to go, look for products with full-spectrum CBD to achieve the entourage effect. Which occurs when all of the secondary cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN work in synergy with the highly concentrated CBD. This range of cannabinoids is not found in broad spectrum CBD.

What are the Best Dog Supplements?

Now that you know what ingredients to look for, it’s easier to determine the best option to provide your dog well rounded support.

The Green Gruff family of canine products is aimed to do just that.

Green Gruff family of dog supplements

Supplements for Anxiety - If your dog is showing signs of anxiety, consider our RELAX calming chews to help manage their stress.

Supplements for Joint Pain - Before your dog even starts to show symptoms of joint pain, look into adding EASE hip & joint supplements just ahead of their daily feeding schedule.

Supplements for Skin and Coat Care - A comfy dog is a happy pup, so take into account that including SOOTHE skin care supplements in their dietary plan can promote a healthier, shinier coat.

When starting your dog on a daily routine, know that it is not an instant remedy and is best used regularly.

If you need any further help navigating the dog supplement market, you can bark at our team by clicking the button for our online form below. We’ll gladly answer questions you have!