How to Establish a CBD Routine for Your Dog

How to Establish a CBD Routine for Your Dog

Maybe you’re aware that CBD treat supplements for dogs can aid a variety of issues, but don’t know much about creating a CBD routine for your dog.

No worries! It may seem a little overwhelming, introducing something new to your dog’s diet, but it’s actually quite easy!

Think about your daily walks or feeding scheduling, and you’ll realize that you already have some routines in place.

Just like those practices, the benefits of CBD for dogs are best experienced through a planned out daily regime.

As with exercise or feeding, it’s important to stay consistent with the routine that you establish for your canine friend. Like all supplements, Green Gruff products are best used regularly and are not an instant remedy.

Why Give Your Dog CBD?

There are a variety of reasons your dog may benefit from a daily CBD routine.

Perhaps they’re getting older and already have an existing ailment which you’re trying to provide consistent relief for.

Or you could be looking to get the routine in place while they’re young and aim to get ahead of any potential problems in the future.

Dog with tongue out licking their chops

It’s a good idea to consider CBD while they’re young and active to help them live their best lives as they age.

Okay, But What is Canine CBD?

Cannabidiol, shortened to CBD, is a chemical found in cannabis and hemp plants. While research is still limited, CBD may be effective for pain, anxiety, and other ailments

Now you might be thinking, cannabis… wait, am I going to get my dog high?!

Your concern is valid, because THC can potentially be toxic to your pet.

But to answer the question, no, as long as you look for products that contain CBD with less than 0.3% THC.

For dog chews, the CBD used is generally derived from hemp (think rope or textiles, not Willy Nelson) and is non-psychoactive so there is no concern of THC sneaking into your dog’s system.

Once ingested, the cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system. Only discovered in the early 90’s, we still have a lot to learn about the endocannabinoid system, but pet owners stand by their personal experiences with positive results.

Let’s look at three of the most common reasons to start your dog on a CBD routine.


Though more research is necessary, early findings show that CBD changes the brain’s response to serotonin in order to help manage anxiety.

This may be from loud noises such as fireworks on the 4th of July or even an ambulance siren as it drives by your home.

Another cause of anxiety in dogs is when traveling in a car. Yeah, a lot of dogs love car rides, whereas others may fear the experience. If you like to travel a lot but your furry friend doesn’t, a once a day CBD routine may help relieve their stress.

A third common reason for doggy anxiety is when around large groups of people or even being around other animals. Maybe you’re a social butterfly but Fido isn’t, then consider a relaxing regime while slowly introducing them to small gatherings over time.

Joint Pain

As our four legged friends get older, they may start to deal with osteoarthritis, just like humans. 

Older dog lying on the floor.

Providing them with daily CBD chews should help alleviate joint and hip inflammation while increasing their comfort levels all around.

When their joints are feeling good your dog will experience improved mobility, making their day to day life more enjoyable.

Just remember, you don’t need to wait until your dog is showing signs of joint pain before getting them started with CBD treat supplements.

Skin & Coat Care

If you find your dog scratching a lot, they may be dealing with itchy or dry skin that is causing them discomfort.

Along with consistent grooming, adding CBD to their diet can promote a healthier & shinier coat and a more comfortable lifestyle.

And if you really want to take care of your dog’s coat, look for products that include Omega-3 fish oil which helps improve conditions through an anti-inflammatory effect.

How do I Start My Dog with CBD?

Getting your dog on a daily cannabidiol schedule is very easy to do, but we do have a few recommended steps to help get the ball rolling.

Ask Your Veterinarian

As with any issue or concern that you have about your pet, it’s best to start with your personal veterinarian. They have history with your dog and will be able to provide the most sound advice directly related to your situation.

Explain why you’re interested in CBD for your dog. Whether your four legged friend is dealing with nervousness, joint pain from aging, or dry & itchy skin.

Let them know that you are considering veterinarian approved products, such as Green Gruff. Our team consulted veterinarians during product development to ensure a safe product that is all-natural and organic.

Begin Your Dog’s CBD Routine Early

Think of Cannabidiol as a form of prevention instead of some miracle cure. Just like all supplements, a CBD routine takes time for the full benefits to be realized. That is why regular use is recommended and not to expect immediate results.

Sitting puppy with one ear up in the air.

As mentioned already, consider starting when they’re still very active to help their recovery at a young age. This will help set them up for years of energetic fun.

Daily Dose CBD for Dogs

Every dog is different and serving sizes really depend on the size/weight of your furry friend.

Check out our quick reference guide below. Also, you can refer to our Daily Use page for more information and the recommended CBD dosing chart for dogs to get started.

Quick Reference - CBD for Dogs Serving Size

  • Under 10 lbs - 1 Chew
  • 10-25 lbs - 2 Chews
  • 26-50 lbs - 3 Chews
  • Over 50 lbs - 4 Chews

Can I Mix CBD with My Dog’s Food?

Does your dog tend to turn their head away to new treats? If they’re very particular, then yeah you can mix it with food.

If you do mix it, just make sure that the CBD chews aren’t left behind in their food bowl! Otherwise, that kind of defeats that whole purpose.

Give Your Dog CBD on an Empty Stomach

It’s good to give your dog CBD just shortly before their scheduled feeding.

By providing the chews on an empty stomach, your pooch will experience better results.

Dog waiting to be fed, carrying a metal food bowl in their mouth.

CBD loses efficacy when introduced to gastric acids which are produced by the stomach lining that begin to break down amino acids and proteins.

What Makes Green Gruff CBD Different for Dogs?

There are a lot of CBD products for pets out on the market, so why choose Green Gruff for your dog?

We use full-spectrum CBD while most brands opt for broad spectrum CBD.

But what does that mean for your canine?

Each chew contains small amounts of all components from the hemp plant, providing a wider range of benefits.

Along with that, Green Gruff focuses on utilizing additional high quality ingredients. We’re meticulous with everything that goes into our supplements, not just the CBD aspect.

Plus, there are no fillers or additives and we consulted vets during the development of every product we offer.

What Health Problems Can Green Gruff CBD Aid?

Not every canine ailment is the same and neither is our line up of CBD products for dogs. 

We focus on aiding conditions like anxiety, pain, and skin irritation. Each formula was carefully developed with specific syndromes in mind.

The Green Gruff Plus CBD supplements include the following blends:

The Relax calming treats were developed for anxiety and nervousness.
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The Ease hip & joint supplements were developed for pain to improve mobility.
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The Soothe skin supplements were developed for irritation from dry skin.
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Start Your Dog’s CBD Routine Today

Now that you’ve learned about creating a daily routine for your dog, it’s time to get started!

Shop our selection of CBD dog treats and help your best friend find relief for an existing condition or start improving their wellness from a young age.

Still have questions or need additional clarification about Green Gruff products?

You can bark at our team by clicking the button for our online form below and we’ll gladly answer questions you have!