Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave?

Why Does My Dog Bark When I Leave?

If your canine friend barks excessively every time a member of the family exits the house, you’re probably thinking, “Why does my dog bark when I leave?”

Barking is how they communicate. Since you don’t speak “caninese” and your dog likely doesn’t speak whatever language you speak, there is a bit of a communication barrier.

And though you can’t talk directly to your dog, it’s important to understand what their barking and body language might really mean. Let’s take a look at some potential reasons for excessive barking.

Potential Reasons Your Dog Barks When You Leave

There might not be one single explanation as to why your dog has overactive barking tendencies. It could be brought on from a past event, lack of mental stimulation, or something completely different. But here are a few of the common causes.

Separation Anxiety

Nervous dog close up of nose and snout.

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety tend to become upset when their owner gets ready to leave the house. This behavior could range from a depressed mood to physical attempts to use their body in an effort to prevent you from leaving out the door.

If the excessive barking seemingly came out of nowhere, consider any abrupt changes to your schedule. Did you recently start going back into the office after an extended period of time working from home? If that’s the case, they could be simply dealing with an adjustment period.

Another reason could be a larger change to their environment or surroundings, such as moving into a new residence. An unfamiliar location takes time for acclimation and your pet might require a little extra attention during that period.

Any major change to members of the household can also play a role in separation anxiety. If a family member recently moved out or passed away, your dog might be missing their presence.


Just like humans with nothing to do, dogs can get bored too. The reason could be they’re not getting outside enough, don’t have the opportunity to solve some puzzles, or haven’t seen their friends in a while.

Look for a pattern of excessive barking when you leave. Does it seem to happen more on days when your dog hasn’t been as active as usual? Their boredom could be caused by a lack of exercise.

Does your dog seem to bark when they have nothing to do? A key aspect of preventing boredom is keeping your dog mentally stimulated. This means providing toys that require them to use their brain, such as puzzles games that you can hide dog treats inside of.

Many dogs are social creatures and want to be around other dogs on a relatively consistent basis. A lack of canine socialization can lead to general disinterest in other activities. Try to get out for playdates with other pups on a regular schedule.


Similar to dealing with a form of anxiety, dogs can have different fears that they suffer from. This could be caused by loud noises, being around unfamiliar people or even a past traumatic event.

Scared bulldog sits in the corner of a bedroom.

If you suspect a specific incident as the root of their fear, it can be easier to deal with. It’s always best to check with your vet if any situation seems severe. That’s why looking for common symptoms is important to their health and best understanding what your dog is suffering from.

So what do you do exactly? How can you help a dog that is afraid of something specific or even just overly fearful? It’s not necessarily the most straightforward process.

Don’t reinforce the fear, this includes rewarding or comforting them. This may seem counterintuitive but it’s crucial that you don’t encourage the behavior to become normal.

How to Stop Barking and Whining When Left Alone

There are a variety of ways that you can help your dog relax and stop barking when left alone. Once you know their symptoms and have a general idea of the root of their barking, you can focus on treating the cause. Here are some ways to help treat the common reasons for your dog barking when you leave.

Deal with the Separation Anxiety

When your dog is showing symptoms of separation anxiety, it’s important to really keep your comings and goings low-key. Don’t make a big fuss about how sad you are to leave them or bust through the screaming with excitement when you arrive home. This only causes over stimulation which can reinforce their nervousness when left alone.

If anxious behavior is the number one sign, you might want to consider natural relaxation methods. Consider adding a daily cbd supplement just before your dog's scheduled feeding to help maintain their baseline behavior. This is an easy way to promote a general sense of calmness.

Some of the best dog supplements with cbd are made using natural ingredients and a great way to aid their relaxation. Look for calming chews that are made with L-Tryptophan which helps the body produce brain-signaling chemicals such as serotonin. Valerian Root is commonly used to decrease anxiety and stress. These ingredients can support calming of the nervous system and promote peaceful behavior.

If you’re still training a puppy, practice leaving them alone for short periods and continue extending the amount of time. This is the ideal age to teach them that time alone can be enjoyed and not used for barking or destruction. Also know that adding a cbd supplement from a young age allows them to be more effective through ongoing use.

Preventing Dog Boredom

A main cause of boredom is the build up of energy when your dog hasn’t had the opportunity to play. It’s important to get them out for regular walks and offer frequent exercise, especially if you’ll be gone for a decent amount of time.

Consider hiring a dog walker if you’re finding it hard to consistently get your four legged friends out for consistent walks. They thank you and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything you can to help them relax when you’re out and about.

Dog entertaining itself with a bright orange toy.

Even if you do have someone checking in on your dog, there will be times when they are alone, it’s simply unavoidable. During this time, provide them toys that offer mental stimulation, such as puzzle games where you can hide a cbd dog treat inside.

Another thing to keep in mind is socialization, many (not all) dogs enjoy being in the company of other canines. Nothing quite like running around with a bunch of other dogs to really run all of the zoomies out. If you have two dogs in your home, they may already be keeping each other busy (hopefully not destructive!) when you’re not around.

Help Your Dog Overcome Fear

What is it that your dog is afraid of exactly? You need to identify their fear if you’re going to help them overcome it. Is it specific? Perhaps there is a certain statue or item around the house that they bark at frequently. It could be more general reason your dog is anxious such as loud noises from thunder or fireworks.

Once you’ve identified the problem, introduce the cause of fear in a controlled setting if possible. While doing so reward them with one of their favorite treats to help establish a positive relationship with the fear inducing item.

If their fear seems to surface during thunderstorms, it can be next to impossible to control the environment. Dogs with sound based fears require close attention during loud events as they may attempt to break out and run away. If possible, have a calm location available where they’re more protected from the sound, such as windowless rooms or basements.

Establishing a calming CBD routine from a young age can help condition a fearful. The relaxing ingredients encourage serotonin production to create a more peaceful state of mind. Ongoing use is the best method to achieve desired results, as with any supplements.

The Best Calming Supplements for Dogs

Regardless of the exact reason your dog barks when you leave, regularly giving them a calming chew can help maintain their baseline behavior.

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