Green Gruff Healthy Routine Pack with EASE, RELAX, and SOOTHE Jars
Green Gruff EASE Ingredients
Green Gruff RELAX Ingredients
Green Gruff SOOTHE Ingredients

Healthy Routine Pack - CBD Starter Kit

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CBD Dog Routine Starter Kit

The Green Gruff Healthy Routine Pack features our complete CBD supplement set to get your dog started with a daily regimen.

With consistent use from a young age, this tri-pack of supplements can help act as a preventative measure against common canine ailments. This includes conditions such as joint pain, anxiety, and skin irritation that might affect your dog’s wellbeing.

And if your dog is aging or beginning to show signs off illness, it isn’t too late to get them started on a daily regimen. To learn more, check out our blog about starting a CBD routine for your dog to get familiar with the benefits.

This CBD supplement bundle for dogs includes the following Green Gruff Plus formulas:

EASE - Aimed to decrease pain while aiding joint & hip function and improving mobility.

RELAX - These calming chews were developed to encourage relaxation and stress relief.

SOOTHE - Intended to provide comfort from itchy & dry skin, while promoting a healthier coat.